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What to Eat

Food on your bespoke trekking holiday

We know that food is a very important element of your trekking holiday! However, we also know that everyone is different. Don't worry, all three of the Alpine towns that make our base-camps offer a wide array of food choice. There are wonderful traditional dishes for you to enjoy such as a Swiss cheese fondue, French raclette or local Italian pasta. However, each location is large enough to offer a good variety of choice from around the world, so you are bound to find food that you enjoy.
Our suggested itinerary includes a hearty breakfast at your hotel, leaving you free to explore everything that Chamonix, Courmayeur or Zermatt have to offer once you have finished your day's trek, but you can also choose to have dinner at your hotel each evening if you prefer.

Trekking – What to Eat on the Trails

Nutrition and hydration during your walks are particularly important. If you aren't hydrated and you don't have sufficient nutrition you will find your day walks much mor of an effort than they need to be. It is advisable to drink plenty of water before you sent off on each day’s trek, so that you are fully hydrated. If you are not familiar with the kinds of food and drink that would be good for you, do some research beforehand and trial what works best. High energy, slow release snacks are essentially what you are looking for. Have a look at our trek fitness and nutrition page for more information on this.

Trekking – Stopping for lunch

Picnic on the mountains
If you’d like your lunch, your way, whenever you feel hungry take a picnic! You can easily stock up on food from the local shops, farmers market or supermarket. Alternatively, if you don’t want to shop then your hotel will provide a packed lunch if it is ordered in advance.

Lunch in the Refuges / Mountain Huts
There are many treks that can offer you a delicious meal part-way through your day hike. And there is nothing like reaching a mountain summit to find a gorgeous refuge waiting for you with deliciously satisfying home-made food! Mountain food in general involves lots of fresh local cheese, cured meats and delicious local pasta bread and potatoes, but there are also many differences between the local Italian, Swiss and French cuisine.

Lunch at a refuge will be arranged for you if you decide you want to try the local food. It is important to note however, that because this is simply an option, we have not included lunchtime meals in the price of the suggested packages advertised on the website.