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Walking in a Winter Wonderland snowshoeing in the Alps & Dolomites

Solo Travel Europe

Solo Travel Tours

Solo Travel Tours

Our guided groups are just perfect for solo travellers, you get to experience the walking holiday you’ve been dreaming of with like-minded people. Our groups are made up of people from all over the world and of all ages. Just as many women as men travel solo, with backgrounds as diverse as peoples ages. And no-one has ever, in the history of our treks, failed to enjoy themselves because they travelled solo! Solo trekkers are often the light and soul of the groups and usually make up more than half of the numbers.

Solo travel in Europe is commonplace and there’s no need to be nervous about any of our treks, each one of them is carefully guided by our local, qualified, expert guides and travelling in our groups is safe - with solo trekking becoming more popular than ever.

Trekking solo on the Haute Route or Tour du Mont Blanc, requires a great deal of expertise, but solo trekking in a small, guided group lets you skip the difficulties associated with solo treks and focus on what really matters: having the time of your life.

Fully Guided Treks for Solo Travellers

Each of our treks comes with a fully qualified UIMLA mountain guide, each with decades of experience. All our guides are local and know the mountains like the back of their hands and they are trekking solo themselves! Our guides have a wealth of personal experience, and their job is to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your walking holiday. From enriching your journey to offering local insight. You don’t need to worry about your safety and security – you are in capable, expert hands.

You can choose to join a small solo travel group, or we can create a bespoke solo travel tour for just you with a personal guide.

Self-Guided Treks for Solo Travel Europe

We don’t recommend solo hikes from a mountain safety point of view. Trekking at altitude and with substantial elevation gain and loss is technically very difficult and with the weather and terrain changing all the time, we don’t advise solo tours. Therefore, we don’t offer any of our self-guided treks to solo travellers which require you to be on the mountain for more than a day.

You could however choose a self-guided trekking holiday with an itinerary of day-treks made for you starting and ending each day in either Chamonix, Courmayeur or Zermatt.

Solo travel for women

Some solo female travel may need careful thought – but not trekking with us! You will never have to even think about whether your trek is female friendly. Many of our guides happen to be female and no-one has EVER had any difficulties or been seen differently because they are a woman. These mountains are great levellers and there is definitely no competition between men and women, every walker has their own rhythm, pace and style and it has nothing to do with their gender!

Our small group tours are perfect for helping solo female travelers feel safe anywhere we visit. And you can use free time to explore your way - or maybe with other single travelers from the group.

Don’t want to share a room? No problem.

Male and female solo travellers are always booked into same-sex rooms. However, sometimes it’s just more convenient and comfortable to have your own room, which is why we offer single travellers a "My Own Room" option with a supplement.

Share the experience

Regardless of your age or the experience you have, you’ll be more than welcome on our treks if you’re travelling solo. In fact, you’ll be in good company, with many of your group travelling solo, too. Our walking holidays attract people from all over the world who are looking to get up close and personal with these beautiful mountains and you can share that experience with them whilst still enjoying your solo travel tour.