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Walk in to 2022 : 10 Top Trek Ideas

Walking Holidays Europe


The Swiss, French and Italian Alps comprise the greatest supported trekking destination in the world. With well maintained trails, breathtaking scenery and connected by hundreds of villages and mountain huts, hikers can rely on clean, comfortable and beautifully situated accommodation. You can trek for as long as you want and never need to carry - well anything!. Everything you need is waiting for you just around the bend...

Walking Holidays Europe - Experience the Stunning Beauty

There’s no better place for a great walking holiday in Europe than the Alps and Mont Blanc Treks pride ourselves on delivering the best possible experience for you. Get to know a simply stunning part of the world than by feeling its earth under your feet, its sun on your face and the prospect of its gastronomy at the end of your day. Walking holidays are simply the best way to discover these vibrant, rural mountains - and to take in their raw, natural beauty.

Each of our Alps walking routes offer the very best from the area. We’ve lived here for many years, walked 1000’s of kilometres and explored these mountains in all conditions. And this has enabled us to provide you with the most reliable advice you will find, whether you decide on a guided or self guided trek.